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A multiday seminar focused on stretching coder's knowledge of web design and programming.

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An all day photography workshop geared towards enthusiasts and novices alike, instilling appreciation and principles of photography.

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Designers are from Mars, Clients are from Venus!

Kevin Jackson Director Public Relations JDA The following is only a theory and not based on statistical evidence. The arguments often heard from designers are “If you go to the doctor, you wouldn’t ask them for medical treatment and not pay them if you weren’t satisfied. If you go to a lawyer you wouldn’t ask […]


Don’t chase dreams, build visions instead (Part 2)

Wazari Johnson JDA Member IN Part 1 I mentioned two iconic figures whose creative genius spawned massive commercial empires. Having previously covered Walt Disney, I will now focus on the second cultural icon. Stan Lee Stan Lee’s creative genius was the catalyst for an industry that, at the time, seemed to have the odds stacked […]


Don’t chase dreams, build visions instead (Part 1)

Wazari Johnson JDA Member ARTISTS tend to have great imaginations. We have the ability to see objects before they even exist, just by looking at the raw material that we have to work with, whether it be metal, glass , plaster, clay, fibreglass, wood, etc. We are driven most times by our imaginations, and that […]


Arts in education

Kevin Jackson Director Of Publish Relations JDA I have long wanted to comment on the Jamaica Observer article titled Students urged to pursue subjects in the arts published on Friday May 29, 2015, for several reasons. I graduated from the University of the West Indies with a BSc in computer science, and in my 30s […]


Dangerous Duality In Digital Experience Design

Yorkali Walters Vice President JDA A sparkling, voluptuous body, sitting on beautiful wheels with a deep, throaty growl emanating from the tailpipe. Open the door and sit down and lights and gauges tempt you to touch every last one of them. All you want to do is buckle up and let this gorgeous beast of […]


How To Leave Team Follow Fashion

Yorkali Walters Vice President JDA How many times over the last six months to a year have you seen this? You go to a new website and you see a still image with text in the dead centre, usually a few words, scrolling up you then see three columns of text, not two, not four…three. […]

Clueless Client

My client does not know what he wants

Kevin Jackson Director of Public Relations JDA AGES ago I wrote an article about the fair price for a website, to which there was no hard conclusion. The fact is the price varies as widely as the ideas you have for your website. What you think is simple might be complex and expensive. At the […]


Growing minds for innovation

Yorkali Walters Vice President JDA I was dressed and ready — fully prepared to tackle my interview to gain a place in what was now my dream school, the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. I stepped out, but the day had one caveat. I had to speak to my father. I […]

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