JDA Branding Department

Jamaica Design Association (JDA) is always working to put its best foot forward. To always iron the two piece suits, to find the best foundation after heavy nights of drinking, to sprinkle that cinnamon in that herbal tea, and basically lie really well to you. Now while JDA would say you probably shouldn't take our word for it, we can also say with some political correctness a creative, or two, may have probably done it. That, however, doesn't stop the progress.

The branding department of JDA strives to find the best solutions that graphically express our's and our member's views. We work to adhere to fundamental principles of design and communication while building local standards for all designers. We really want to make things pretty; Foaming at the mouth pretty.

So just to ensure we all look pretty, we've nicely force-fed highlighted our branding guidelines.

JDA - BrandIdentityGuide