JDA Promotions Department

Would you Like your car waxed? Your nails painted? Your LinkedIn resume inserted to the right side of your WordPress blog? Well, look no further than Sunday Gleaner!

No that was cheap humor. It's us. Look at us for the last part.

Now having a relatable public image is just as significant as sharing images, to your online friends, of you housing stray animals from the clutches of death. It is the relationship someone has made with you that drives them to stalk your page. The same goes for any business entity, body or unit existing for public engagement.

With the Jamaica Design Association, we can almost garner the public's awareness of our existence. We sense most persons may not be aware of our presence or just see us as a Facebook group, and we admit our part in that misconception. JDA boast a history of 9 years but have not made strides growing its image beyond the guy that host meeting. Now we're hoping to climb out of that grave.

We are working to keep our members, stakeholders and the public informed. Not only about our operations but the operations of all designers regionally and globally. We adhere to principles of clean design and aim to indoctrinate everyone into the good word of white space and bold lines.