JDA Projects Department

The Jamaica Design Association is more than just a room for sharing ideas. We are more than just your shoebox of Pokemon cards. We stand by the belief that you can cash us in. 

Fundamentally, design serves to solve a problem. A problem that may be affected by structure, communication, social, development and the list goes on. While design alone cannot be a wonder drug of solutions, it does serve as the catalyst for building a path to answers. So what is help without support; and support we are working to be. The projects department is building activities towards growth in self and community.

We are focused on solving problems that not only affect person's individual ambitions but activities that assist others beyond self-interest. We view our part as a service to others in need of a union. Unions that could come in the shape of a workshop, community programs, partnership agreements, sponsorship and whatever else makes you the superhero Marvel Comics was too lazy to steal.