Arts in education

The following was written by Kevin Jackson and published in the Jamaica Observer newspaper for the Jamaica Design Association:

I have long wanted to comment on the Jamaica Observer article titled Students urged to pursue subjects in the arts published on Friday May 29, 2015, for several reasons. I graduated from the University of the West Indies with a BSc in computer science, and in my 30s began pursuing my long-lost love for the arts.

While the announcement from the Ministry of Education’s permanent secretary, Elaine Foster-Allen, is welcomed and long overdue, I would like to highlight a few things which I am sure may have crossed their minds, but I wanted it to be out in the open.

For us artists, this is extremely good news, because as children, we were not encouraged to do the arts in high school. It was discouraged by parents and teachers. The reasoning was the stereo-type of the starving artist. Everyone was encouraged to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer. I would love to say that much has changed since 20 years ago, but it really hasn’t. Read more here…

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