My client does not know what he wants

The following was written by Kevin Jackson and published in the Jamaica Observer newspaper for the Jamaica Design Association:

AGES ago I wrote an article about the fair price for a website, to which there was no hard conclusion. The fact is the price varies as widely as the ideas you have for your website.

What you think is simple might be complex and expensive. At the same time what you think is complex could be really easy in this day and age and affordable too.

The best bet is to get a few quotations to compare and become familiar with some of the questions you need to ask to satisfy yourself that you are getting value for your money.

While there is a responsibility for the person commissioning a web designer to do their due diligence, there is equal responsibility for the web designer to break things down in terms the client can understand. The web designer needs to ask enough questions to pull information out of the client. We have to remember that people seeking web design services may not have a clue what it costs or what web designing entails. Read more here…

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