Kadir Martin – Bridge the gap

Introducing… JDA podcasts. A look into the invigorating visionary design minds of Jamaica and Jamaica’s diaspora. Our first interview features Yorkali Walters, Vice President of the Jamaica Design Association. Have a listen and send us your questions, feedback, and suggestions.

This week we talk to Graphic Designer Kadir Martin from MAD Concepts about his journey as a designer and what he is working on now, including a bridge he wants to sell us. Let’s take a listen.

If you are driving here is the podcast audio We also listened to your comments and removed the background music.

Let us know what you think. Also forgive any glitches. Our internet has not caught up with the demands of streaming.


The Jamaica Design Association is a professional community of Jamaican designers of all disciplines. Graphic, user, culinary, architectural, sound, video, audio, web, the list goes on. We want to highlight the designers of our past, present and possibly the future. Exploring how design can solve problems in our society.

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